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For many years Santa and Mrs. Claus have appeared in various locations and venues between Richmond, Virginia and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Both, Santa and Mrs. Claus, are retired from the U. S. Marine Corps. Santa works for the Federal Government and volunteers alongside Mrs. Claus in the local school system. Mrs. Claus is a substitute teacher, quilter, crafter, and household manager.

Santa and Mrs. Claus are proud parents and grandparents.

Santa and Mrs. Claus dress in custom made suits and dresses of red with white fur. Santa is hearty, warm and charming, with ‘natural’ white hair and beard, rosy red cheeks, a twinkle in his eyes, and a magical laugh.

Santa and Mrs. Claus have appeared in the Christmas Parades in Fredericksburg and Colonial Beach, Virginia.

Santa and Mrs. Claus enjoy bringing smiles to faces of all ages, appealing to large and small groups of believers ranging from special needs children, to pre-school through high school children, to senior citizens.

Santa and Mrs. Claus make appearances at children’s holiday breakfasts and luncheons, Moms’ club get-togethers, senior citizen homes and/or luncheons, church fellowships, Scouts,  craft fairs, family gatherings, non-profit organization events, and private business and corporate holiday functions.

Santa and Mrs. Claus are also available for hospital visits, family photos, carriage rides, holiday parades, print media and advertising, special events, and will travel to accommodate your event or gathering.

Santa is an active member of:
    • Fraternal Order of real Bearded Santa's
    • Santa's Across the Globe (SATG); Mid Atlantic Santa's
    • Royal Order of Santa Claus (National Santa Claus Registry #21)
    • Just Be Claus (Virginia)
    • RealSantas.com
    • The National Beard Registry #2278

Santa and Mrs. Claus will provide references upon request.

Keep the Twinkle in Your Eyes and

the Spirit of Christmas in Your Heart All Year!