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Santa is the classic grandfather figure, comforting and kind, caring for everyone he meets.  Santa believes goodwill and generosity of spirit  should be shared equally and freely between all members of the human race and personifies such a noble vision. 

Santa’s presence always rouses a sense of mystery and wonder; a hope that dreams can come true and fairytales can become real.  The 'Spirit of Christmas' follows Santa wherever he is, providing wonder and excitement to the young and laughter and joy to the young at heart.

Santa is recognized worldwide and responds to many different names, such as; Kris Kringle, St. Nicholas, Father Christmas, and Pere Noel.   At the North Pole, Santa lives merrily, with Mrs. Claus and his hardworking elves and trusty reindeer, always keeping a watchful eye for those doing good while making his list and checking it twice!

To the believer, Santa is as real as winter follows fall and summer follows spring.   Just because you may not be able to see, touch, or hear something, does not mean it is not real.  In many of your lives, the time may come when you question that Santa exists.  You'll have to make your own decisions about Santa.  Whether you remain a true believer, or believe for a while, or never believe at all, as long as you do your best to be a kind and caring person, Santa Claus will always believe in you.  Dare to believe!

Santa asks everyone to be good and follow the Pillars of Character:

Be Kind
Do Your Share
Play by the Rules
Treat Others with Respect
Do What You Are Supposed to
Be Honest

Keep the Twinkle in Your Eyes and

the Spirit of Christmas in Your Heart All Year!